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Dr Preet Sehmi Chiropractor Victoria BC

Benefits of Spinal Care

1. Customized Treatments

With a gentle approach to patient care Dr Sehmi is able to customize each treatment and exercise program specifically for that patient. Exercise and nutritional therapy is fundamental in her approach to having a healthy body.

Whiplash (ICBC)

2. Mind, Body & Spirit

Dr Sehmi also believes that the holistic approach to healthcare is key - the mind, body and spirit are all connected to staying healthy and happy.

3. Nutritional Supplements

Dr Sehmi provides specific therapeutic nutritional supplements that pertain to bone and muscle health amongst other health issues.


4. Improve Mobility

Dr Sehmi introduced a spinal rehabilitation program taught at Gordon Head Middle School via Gordon Head Rec centre. Patients are taught to strengthen their body's "spinal fitness" in order to stay in shape. This program was developed by Dr Sehmi after years of working on patients with spinal pain/stiffness. Learn with confidence to strengthen your spine, improve mobility, correct your posture and gain spinal health, to listen to your spine and understand it's limits.