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Dr Preet Sehmi Chiropractor Victoria BC

Summer Ouches

Warm sunny weather is finally here and many folks love getting more active or gardening lots by now. The lead-up is often the Spring push to get the garden and plants at optimal conditions. This kind of hobby can lead to poor posture or overdoing it. Lower back and knee pain is a key reason for many to seek care after spending too long in the garden from Spring onwards. 

My advice would be to take short breaks every 15 minutes and walk around for 1 minute or change the activity. Kneeling on a soft pad is better than bending from the back, as long as your knees are healthy. Swimming in the ocean or lakes is a great way to change up the activity to keep your core strong.

Get regular checkups from your Osteopath or Chiropractor.

Until next time, have a great Summer.