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Dr Preet Sehmi Chiropractor Victoria BC

Mind is Matter

It's been about twenty months since the whole world was hit by a pandemic, forcing everyone to rethink, redo and rebalance the lives they had previously.

It forced us to slow down and shift our way of being toward our internal dialogue as we had fewer distractions outside.

However, many struggled and still do with accelerated anxiety, anger, sadness and fear from such a huge unpredictable shift in their lives. I have seen more patients in my clinic suffering from body ailments related to increased stress, from the weighted over time, pandemic concerns.

Many folks are just doing life as is, without looking internally which has increased their maladaptations to everyday life. Ideally if one could give themselves 30 minutes a day, to sit quietly and meditate, go for a walk, do some yoga and make this a habit like brushing your teeth, it can do wonders to your body. 

Also paying attention to the internal mental dialogue of not being good enough, fit enough, smart enough etc. If one can change that thought into a positive one like I am worthy, I am smart, I am healthy etc it starts to change your mental map and brain's morphology every day. This in turn changes the messages sent to your body's organs and they start to relax, cleanse and even heal as the wavelength from your brain to your organs shifts from Alpha waves to Gamma waves. Everything in your body is connected, from brain to muscle, to organs to fascia. If your brain is happy, your body will follow in seconds!

Gratitude and being the Now without future worry also helps. And even bigger than this, you have to believe your future is already great and trust the process.

Twenty-four years ago, I designed my clinic logo with the triangle of health being held by a person representing us. Each corner of the triangle represents Mental, Physical and Spiritual health to signify what being Human is all about. 

Today the significance of this Holistic paradigm is even more paramount and it is my wish that we all embrace our inner world, be kinder to our inner dialogue and continue to find the Smile in every day.